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4.2: “Data Collection Subscriptions” and Bug Fixes
4.2: “Data Collection Subscriptions” and Bug Fixes
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The Thread Learning by CentralReach 4.2 release contains “Data Collection Subscriptions,” real-time data sync between users working with the same student on Interval, Frequency, and Duration data. Additionally, UX improvements and bug fixes have been released in the Thread Learning by CentralReach application. If your organization would like to provide feedback please contact Support.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • “Data Collection Subscriptions,” real-time data sync between users working with the same student simultaneously. When working on Interval, Frequency, and Duration data, information input in the student’s profile updates for both users.

    • When two users work on Duration, Frequency, or Interval data with the same student simultaneously, and one user enters data for the student, the information will update for both users to aggregate scores properly and prevent behaviors from double counting.

    • For Interval data, when one user starts/ends or changes the values within the interval, it is now reflected on the other users’ behavior board.

      • Please note, if the interval program is not pinned, the trial data will not be shared.

    • For Frequency data, the score is updated for both users when one user presses “Undo.”

      • Please note, Frequency must be pinned to the behavior board.

  • The following bug fixes and UX improvements have been released:

    • Users only need to enter their PIN code when signing into the application to verify their password.

    • A warning now appears for users that uncheck (i.e., remove from the drawer) a program with data without graphing in “Start a Session.”

    • In charts and graphs, the phase bar at the top will no longer display for phases without data points.

    • The issue preventing criterion for mastery from being removed from a program has been resolved.

    • Task Analysis steps now appear on the phase pop-up and “Start a Session” information “i” button.

    • The “Clinical Files” section no longer needs to be reloaded for newly uploaded files to appear.

    • Fixed a bug related to the duration timer large, 3-digit, scores.

    • The issue causing difficulties when creating a learner account and adding guardian contact information has been resolved.

    • The following offline mode and custom curriculum bugs have been fixed:

      • Data collected offline for Frequency now displays correctly.

      • Duplicate programs will not display when editing a program offline.

      • When creating or editing a program offline, unsaved fields will not clear.

      • When accessing charts offline, users will no longer receive an incorrect error message.

    • Performance improvements.

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