Release Notes

Read about our new features and product improvements.

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Getting Started

General topics about onboarding and getting started with Thread.

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The Thread Learning by CentralReach Application

Introducing Thread Learning by CentralReach's new application.

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CR Elements

"CR Elements" is an evidence-based and fully digital ABA clinical curriculum. Clinicians can customize protocols based on learners' needs to provide the most effective ABA therapy.

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Custom Curriculum

How to access, upload, assign, and submit curriculum.

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Programs and Sessions

Learn about programs and sessions.

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Data Collection and Charts

Learn how to access charts, collect data, and modify them.

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Managing Students and Staff

Learn how to manage students and staff.

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Offline Mode

How to safely work offline.

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Thread FAQs

This section provides users with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Training videos for BCBAs, RBTs, Supervisors, and Instructors.

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Thread's Team Platform (Legacy)

Help articles for customers still using the original TEAM platform. For users that sign on with a team name (not your email address).

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