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Release Notes

Read about our new features and product improvements.

Getting Started

General topics about onboarding and getting started with Thread.

The Thread Learning by CentralReach Application

Introducing Thread Learning by CentralReach's new application.

CR Elements

"CR Elements" is an evidence-based and fully digital ABA clinical curriculum. Clinicians can customize protocols based on learners' needs to provide the most effective ABA therapy.

Custom Curriculum

How to access, upload, assign, and submit curriculum.

Programs and Sessions

Learn about programs and sessions.

Data Collection and Charts

Learn how to access charts, collect data, and modify them.

Managing Students and Staff

Learn how to manage students and staff.

Offline Mode

How to safely work offline.

Thread FAQs

This section provides users with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Training videos for BCBAs, RBTs, Supervisors, and Instructors.

Thread's Team Platform (Legacy)

Help articles for customers still using the original TEAM platform. For users that sign on with a team name (not your email address).