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How to Enable Offline Mode
How to Enable Offline Mode
Written by Cassie C.
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The Thread Learning by CentralReach application supports offline mode. To alert users when they are offline, a warning message will display, stating, “You are offline. You will be able to continue to work in offline mode, but some parts of the application will be unavailable.” The label at the top of the screen displays when users are offline and the last date and time all student data was synced.

The following functionality is unavailable while offline:

  • Viewing Charts

  • Students & Staff

  • Download Reports

  • Progress Report

  • Raw Data

  • Session Note Report

  • Billing

  • Curriculum

  • Archive

To continue working offline, users must connect to the internet every 48 hours to upload current data. When offline users have not been connected to the internet to sync data for more than 24 hours, they are notified with the following message, “You have been offline for [HH] hours and [MM] minutes. Please connect to the internet as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate up to date data is shown.”

To enable offline mode for a student:

  1. Navigate to Students & Staff and select a student while online

    • Up to 15 student profiles can be enabled for offline mode, per person.

  2. Click the Available Offline toggle in the student’s profile. Each student needs to have offline mode enabled in order to utilize this feature.

    • Please note, users can only see this toggle offline within their own profile. When an admin is in another user’s profile, they cannot see the toggle for students.

  3. If a 16th student is selected, a pop-up will display with the following message, “You have reached the maximum number of students (15).” Click OK to close the window. To make this student available offline, disable the toggle for another student first

Please note, making a student "offline" will not make that student offline for all users.

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