On top of having instructor-level capabilities, supervisors can also delete data points, move them to another phase, and change scores and dates.

To delete data points and restore previously deleted data points:

  1. Click the data point being deleted

  2. Click Delete

  3. To review deleted data points, click the book icon on the right-hand side

  4. On the left-hand side column, click Deleted Data Points to view a list of data points deleted by users

  5. To restore a previously deleted data point, click the curved arrow icon. The data point will no longer display in the list and return to the chart

To move a data point to a different phase:

  1. Select a destination phase for the data point, nothing both the phase name and date it began

  2. Click the data point being moved

  3. Click Edit and then Move Phase

  4. Click the phase from the list

    • When selecting the phase, use the date to ensure the correct phase is being selected

    • Please note, if the data pointment is moved to a new phase with a different number of trials, the percentage score of the data point is retained

To edit scores:

  1. Click the data point to edit

  2. Clck Edit and then Edit Score

  3. Enter the new score

  4. Click Save

To edit dates:

  1. Click the data point to edit

  2. Click Edit and then Edit Score

  3. Select the correct date and time

  4. Click Save

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