How to Save and Graph Data

Steps for collecting data on a mobile device or desktop, using Thread's browser based platform and individual email logins.

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To collect data:

  1. Navigate to and login

  2. Under the “Start a Session” heading, click the drop-down on the right-hand side of the student’s name to view the list of assigned students

  3. Select the student

    • Please note, if users do not have any students assigned to them, contact a supervisor. Click here to learn about managing students.

  4. Within the overflow menu (...) of programs, select one of the two options:

    • Enter Score: manually enter a score and date

      • Interval programs cannot be placed in the session drawer, but users can manually enter scores for them

    • Edit Program: edit the program and its targets

      • Please note, use of this feature should be determined by internal policy guidelines

  5. Once programs are selected, click View Current Session

  6. Click the + and - buttons to collect data

    • Or, click the play and pause buttons for duration programs

  7. Close the session when all data has been collected

There are two types of programs to collect data for:

  • Pinned: these are graphed overnight. If other instructors have collected data on the same student and program, it will graph collectively

  • Session: make sure all trials are completed. For example, in a 10-trial program, buttons will turn white once users hit 10 trials and will no longer be active. This indicates the data point has been graphed

To end trials manually, click the overflow menu (...) and select End Program to stop and graph. The buttons will become white and indicate the data has been graphed. Please note, this is required for unlimited trial programs to end programs early

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