Instructors can change the data type and add or revise notes for data points using the Data Points menu. Click here to learn how to modify chart data points as a supervisor.

To change the data type:

  1. Within a chart, select a data point to modify

  2. Click Data Type

  3. Select a new data type:

    • Standard

    • Pre-test

    • Probe

    • Post-test

Data points on a chart use symbols to indicate different data types. If one is classified incorrectly, it can be changed.

Please note:

  • Any changes made to data types are saved automatically.

  • The data types of data points in charts are indicated by various symbols, as shown above.

Notes can be attached to any data point on the chart. There is just one notes page for each data point, but new note text can always be added to it. A thin blue outline surrounding a data point indicates a note is attached.

To add, edit, or remove notes for a data point:

  1. Within a chart, select a data point

  2. Click Tap Note

    • To edit notes, click the existing note instead

  3. Enter any notes to add to the data point, such as name and date

    • To delete the note, remove all text instead

  4. Click Save

    • The data point will display a thin, blue border to indicate there is a note attached to the data point

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