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Creating Interval Data Collection
Creating Interval Data Collection
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To create Interval Data Collection on the web:

  1. Select Start a Session on the left-hand side

  2. Click +Add Program either next to the “Session” or “Pinned” sections and select Interval (Skill) or Interval (Behavior)

  3. Click Enter Program Name Here to add a name

  4. Input a required:

    • Number of trials

    • Length of each interval

    • Criterion for Mastery

      • The "Total Program Length" will auto-populate based on the information input in the “Number of Trials” and “Length of Each Interval” fields.

  5. Enter an optional:

    • Default Trial Result

    • Definition

    • Procedure

    • Prompt

    • Phase Details

    • Targets

    • Instructional Cue

    • Reinforcement Schedule

    • Type of Reinforcement

    • Baseline Date/Score

    • Frequency of Data Collection

    • Short Term Objective

    • Program Goal

  6. Select student(s) to assign the program to under the “Apply this program to these students” section

  7. Click Save

  8. In the “Start a Session” screen, select the checkbox next to each Interval to add it to the Behavior Board.

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