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Subscriptions (Real-Time Data Sync)
Subscriptions (Real-Time Data Sync)
Written by Alyssa
Updated over a week ago

Real-time data sync is available in the new Thread Learning by CentralReach application. With group data collection, several users can collect data on multiple students at the same time. “Subscriptions” is a feature that syncs new student data from one user to another in real-time, so if one user sees behavior and logs it, another user can view the entry on their device without reloading the application.

For example, a student is working on greeting others in the classroom and hallway of a school. Two instructors are both tasked with logging this in a Frequency Program in Thread.

  1. At lunch, the student greets two other students, and Instructor A presses “+” twice. On both instructor’s iPads, it now says “2 greetings” for the day rather than “0 greetings.”

  2. Next, Instructor B sees another greeting in gym class and presses “+” on the iPad. Both instructors now see “3 Greetings” on the iPad because Thread added the two instances Instructor A saw with the one instance Instructor B saw. This data point will be graphed as 3 for the day, and it will say that “Multiple Instructors” took the data.

Previously, subscriptions were only available for Frequency, Duration, and Session Skill Interval data if both users utilized the legacy iPad application. This new version works across all devices, including computers, and across all data types for collaboration.

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