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2.14: Introducing ABC Data, Interval Focus Mode, and Curriculum Updates
2.14: Introducing ABC Data, Interval Focus Mode, and Curriculum Updates
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Introducing ABC Data, Interval Focus Mode, and Curriculum Updates

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 2.14 release contains file upload and storage, Interval Focus Mode, improved ABC Data, international date formats, and the ability to self-upload curriculum.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Clinical files can be uploaded to learners’ profiles, allowing providers to download and view important documents pertaining to the student. The goal is to eventually provide parental access to files the user chooses to share.

  • Introducing “ABC Data,” for web and mobile, which allows users to:

    • Collect ABC data on a student across all products.

    • Associate ABC Data with a particular behavior program in Thread and define the behavior as data is collected.

    • View a student’s data in aggregate or filter to data associated with particular behavior.

  • Introducing “Interval Focus Mode,” which allows users to view more information about an interval program and return to old intervals and change values. Users can access this by selecting the magnifying glass during data collection.

  • Dates on graphs can now be set to international standards. The current mm-dd (e.g., 02-13) format can be changed to dd-mm (e.g., 13-02).

  • Organizations can now upload custom curriculum for their organization. Currently, an organization can only choose between default curriculum, a paid curriculum like CR Elements, or a custom curriculum.

    • To switch to a custom curriculum, contact your CR representative to enable custom curriculum for the organization.

    • Once a custom curriculum is enabled, navigate to the curriculum page for more information on downloading the Excel file, inputting curriculum, and then uploading the file.

    • Currently, there is a limit of 2,000 curriculum templates when uploading, however if your custom curriculum has more than 2,000 templates, contact your CR representative.

  • The “Start a Session” page is now in alphabetical order instead of the date of last run.

  • The following bugs were fixed:

    • When entering a data point with a denominator that does not match the typical number of trials in a program, the issue causing the percent correct to display wrong has been resolved.

    • When assigning students to users, the issue causing the pop-up to display incorrectly has been resolved.

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