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Can Curriculums have multiple pages?

Yes. It is common for organizations to have a Word file for each program. Users will need to copy and paste the curriculum into an Excel file.

Can you have a hierarchy within curriculums?

Currently, Thread supports a maximum of two folder levels (i.e. domains and subdomains). For example, CR elements contains 1. domain -> 2. sub-domain -> program.

In a subsequent release, multiple curriculums will be supported with more folder levels. Also, it is important that all folders and sub-folders (domains and subdomains) have a consistent name. For example, if in one row it is "Social Studies" and another row it is "Social studies," the organization may end up with two Social Studies folders with slightly different names and programs split between the two.

Can curriculums go across domains?

Currently, curriculums cannot be viewed in the same program, but in two different places.

What is the best way to get the curriculum in a spreadsheet?

Copy and pasting is the best way to add your curriculum to a spreadsheet. Organizations can use to have someone copy and paste it for a cost.

After the curriculum is copied and pasted to a spreadsheet, filters can be utilized in Excel to review the columns and ensure they are uniform. For instance, filters can display the unique values for each column and users can then verify they are correct. This is helpful for the domain and subdomain.

How can users update curriculum? If so, is it manual maintenance?

Users can update curriculum anytime they need to, by making any necessary changes in the Excel document and re-uploading the file. When re-uploaded, it can replace the old custom curriculum. Alternatively, users can upload a second Excel document with just new programs and instead of replacing old programs, it will add the second Excel document to the already uploaded curriculum.

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