Access the data collection area "Start a Session", select your student, select programs for your session, take your data and end the session.

This access is available for users who login with their email address. It is not available for team-based logins. 

Summary - quick steps

  • Login at mobile.threadlearning.com and choose Start a Session from the menu.
  • Click the drop-down symbol (triangle, right) to select a student.
  • Click to place a checkmark next to programs you want to run in today's session.
  • Tap View Current Session (blue area, bottom) to see your drawer / session area.
  • Use large score controls to collect data. Click the magnifying glass (next to program name) for "focus mode" to log scores individually for multiple targets.
  • Controls for session skills turn white when they're completed and graphed. Scores for behaviors are graphed overnight.
  • Tap the menu next to each program (3 vertical dots) and End Program to end early or to graph unlimited trial programs. Explore this menu for more features. 


Access the data collection area and choose your student

  1. Go to mobile.threadlearning.com and login. Read more about logins HERE.
  2. Click on Start a Session from the menu. 
  3. You'll see a student name under the Start a Session heading. Click the small triangle (right) to open a drop-down list of students assigned to you.
  4. Click the student you're working with.

NOTE: If you have no students assigned to you, please contact your supervisor. A help article about managing students is HERE.

Select programs for your session

  1. Under the student's name you'll see two sections; Behavior Board Setup and Session Skills Setup. 
  2. Select today's programs by checking the box near each program name under sections Behavior Board Setup and Session Skills Setup. If the student has no programs to select from, a supervisor should now add programs. A help article about setting up a program book is HERE.

NOTE: Each program has a menu on the program selection screen - three vertical dots. Menu options:

  • Enter Score - manually enter a score and date. Interval programs can't be placed in the session drawer, but you can manually enter the score here.
  • Edit Program -  Easy access to edit the program including its targets. Use of this feature should be determined by your internal policy guidelines.

Take your session data

  1. Once programs are selected (above) tap the blue area to View Current Session. This takes you to your session drawer or work area shown below.
  2. Take your data with (+) (-) or for duration programs, play / pause.

Saving / Graphing 

Session Skills programs: simply make sure your trials are completed. For a ten trial program, once you've hit 10 trials the buttons will turn white / inactive. That means we've graphed the data point.

If you need to end your trials manually, click the menu and select End Program to stop and graph. The buttons will turn white / inactive, indicating the data has graphed. This is REQUIRED to graph an unlimited trial program, or to end early, e.g., after 7 of your 10 trials.

Behavior programs: these will graph for you overnight. If other instructors have collected data on the same student and program, it will graph collectively.

Close your session

There are multiple ways to clear your session screen after your data has graphed. Use the method that fits with your workflow best.

  • Tap Close on the overflow menu to close programs individually as needed.
  • It's also fine to leave programs here after they're graphed. Tap Run Again on the overflow menu to start fresh in your next session.
  • Tap X (upper right) to close your session screen and return to the program selection screen. 
  • Uncheck any remaining programs on your program selection screen, if you like. This also empties your session screen for next time.

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