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4.5: Program Updates
4.5: Program Updates
Written by Cassie C.
Updated over a week ago

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 4.5 release contains updates to creating and editing programs.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • To create new programs, a new process has been implemented and includes the following four steps:

    • Program details: contains information such as the program’s name, data type, trial information, and program goal.

    • Unit details: contains information such as the unit goal, definition, and procedure.

    • Targets: contains all targets, criteria for mastery, and steps for task analysis.

    • Phase details: contains information that changes when users create phase line changes, such as the phase name, summary, prompts, instructional cues, reinforcement and baseline information.

      • Please note, when users edit programs, the “Phase details” screen is the first screen displayed.

  • Data types have been updated to allow users to store similar information per data type, such as “Program goal”.

  • For better accuracy and ease of use, fields in programs have either been added or renamed:

    • Below are the new fields:

      • The “Pin this program” checkbox allows users to view programs that have been pinned. Pinned programs will display in the “Behavior Board” section of the blue drawer. Programs that have not been pinned will display in the “Session Skills” section.

        • Please note, programs will be pinned by default depending on the data type the program was created with. In a subsequent release, users will be able to select programs to pin.

      • “Prerequisite skills needed” can be used for all data types.

      • The new “Prompting strategy” drop-down allows users to indicate the prompt level used per trial. The “Errorless Teaching” toggle has now been replaced by the “Prompt each trial” option in the drop-down.

      • “Procedure” has been broken down into the fields below:

        • Required materials

        • Procedure details

        • Prompting procedure/Error correction

        • Tips

    • The following fields have been renamed:

      • “Long-Term Objective” is now “Program goal”, which can be completed for all data types.

      • “Additional Condition Information” is now “Phase details”.

      • “Discriminative Stimulus” is now “Instructional Cue”.

  • When editing programs, the following updates have been made:

    • The new “Edit Program” button allows programs to be directly edited from charts.

    • Users can now input phase names while editing the “Phase details” of programs, instead of charts. If “Correct Old Phase” was selected when saving changes made to the program, the phase name will replace the default name of the phase in the chart.

    • When editing the historical record of a phase, the new “Historical Targets” screen allows users to indicate whether targets were “Active” or “Inactive” in that phase.

  • Issues regarding adding students and staff, the Raw Data report, Frequency charts, and a white screen displaying have been resolved.

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