Discrete Trial programs in Thread include an Errorless Teaching option. This allows an instructor to indicate the prompt level used for each trial. Anytime a prompt is used, it will be scored as a minus (-). 

Set up errorless teaching

Errorless Teaching is turned on with a toggle switch when creating or editing a discrete trial program. Turn it on and indicate least intrusive prompt, then save the program.

Taking data using errorless teaching 

iPad app: Watch the video to see errorless teaching in action using Thread's iPad app. Time-stamped notes are below.

Notes for Thread's web version

For a full understanding please review the concepts presented under "Errorless Teaching on Thread's iPad app" below. These notes will help you adapt those instructions to Thread's web version:

  • The least intrusive prompt level that was set up in the discrete trial program will be your default prompt level for the first trial.
  • Use the overflow menu (three dots) and select Choose prompt level to set or change your prompt.

Errorless Teaching on Thread's iPad app

00:00 - The first time the program runs is a baseline. No prompt is available yet.
00:09 - Choose Run Again and the prompt button appears.
00:14 - The first time P is tapped, the prompt level menu comes up. Tap the prompt level you used.
00:17 - Tap P quickly to indicate the same prompt level was needed in this trial. This will be recorded as a minus (-) score.
00:19 - Tap + to indicate no prompt was used. Notice the prompt has changed to Independent on the left.
00:23 - Since the prompt level was independent, the next time you tap P you'll get a prompt menu again. Tap P quickly to indicate the next trials also used this prompt.

NOT IN VIDEO - long-tap the P to bring up the prompt menu anytime. Here is a screenshot of the prompt menu:

View prompt level data on the chart

After data is collected, tap the chart's data point to see details including the latest prompt that was used; in this case, Vocal verbal.

Next, tap the top area (score %) to see trial by trial details. Here you can see Partial physical was used earlier in the session. 

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