Prompts for Discrete Trial programs can be set up using Errorless Teaching.

Discrete Trial programs include an "Errorless Teaching" option. This allows an instructor to indicate the prompt level used for each trial. Anytime a prompt is used, it is scored as a minus (-).

To set up Errorless Teaching:

  1. When creating or editing a Discrete Trial program, select the Errorless Teaching toggle

  2. Indicate the least intrusive prompt

    • Full Physical

    • Partial Physical

    • Model

    • Gestural

    • Vocal verbal

    • Partial vocal verbal

    • Positional

  3. Save the program

Please note:

  • The least intrusive prompt level that was set up in the Discrete Trial program will be the default prompt level for the first trial.

  • Use the overflow menu (...) and select Choose prompt level to set or change a prompt.

View Prompt Level Data on the Chart

  1. After data is collected, tap the chart's data point to view details, including the latest prompt that was used, in this case, "Vocal verbal".

  2. Tap the top area (score %) to view trial by trial details. In the following image, "Partial physical" was used earlier in the session.

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