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How to Edit Current and Past Phases
How to Edit Current and Past Phases
Written by Cassie C.
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Users can edit past and current phases and conditions in programs. Editing the current phase of a program is the same as editing the program itself. A past phase can be edited only to make historical corrections, with the exception of Task Analysis programs, in which edits are globally made across all phases.

Current Phase

Changes made to the current phase will also apply to program-level information, such as target mastery and the “Future Targets” list. Major edits and additions, such as setting targets to mastered and overlooked mastered targets in a past phase, should always be made to the current phase.

To edit the current phase:

  1. Within a chart, click the current condition label

    • Or, click the overflow menu (...) icon next to the program from the list of programs in the main workspace

  2. Click Edit Program

  3. Make any edits to the phase and click Save

Past Phases

Users should only edit past phases to correct any errors or typos.

To edit past phases:

  1. Within a chart, click a past condition label

    • The "Current Targets" list operates at the phase or condition level. Targets in this list indicate targets current at the time. Other targets display as inactive on the Edit screen to suggest targets users might have forgotten to set as current in that phase.

  2. Click Edit Condition Record

  3. Edit the past phase for historical purposes

  4. Click Save

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