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2.12: Sessions Updates, Bug Fixes, and a Mobile Application
2.12: Sessions Updates, Bug Fixes, and a Mobile Application
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Sessions Updates and Other Bug Fixes

The Thread Learning by CentralReach v2.12 release contains a stand alone mobile application for iPhone, Android phone, and Android tablet, updates to sessions, and other bug fixes on the web.

The following updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Thread web (as opposed to the iPad application) has been updated and released as a stand alone mobile application for iPhone, Android tablet, and Android phone.

  • When clicking “Enter Score” to chart data, the time of manually entered data can be selected, which fixes an issue where data points were unexpectedly graphed under the old phase, instead of under the new phase, as expected.

  • Users with a large number of assigned students will no longer be prevented from logging in.

  • The following fixes have been made to sessions:

    • The issue preventing users from viewing session notes from an iPad on the web has been resolved. Users can view session notes created on an iPad and will no longer receive an error message.

    • When creating a new session, users will no longer receive an “Action Failed” error message.

    • The correct amount of session notes will display when viewing students’ session notes, instead of multiple.

  • The following features now work on Android tablet, Android phone, and iPhone:

    • The version number is now displayed in the “support” area of the header.

    • Clinical Alerts, which prevent instructors from overrunning programs and alert supervisors when a program has not been run, will now display on all platforms. These include:

      • 3 descending or flat data paths.

      • 5 variable paths without meeting criterion.

      • Alerts are displayed within the alerts icon when a program has not been run.

    • The issue preventing some users with certain mobile devices from printing charts has been resolved for devices, including the Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8.

    • Additional minor improvements have been made to the user experience, including display issues with landscape mode on mobile devices.

    • Additional minor bug fixes.

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