The Thread Learning by CentralReach 4.4 release provides organizations with the option to purchase the CR Elements curriculum in addition to their customized organizational curriculum, workflow improvements, and user interface updates.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Organizations can now use their own custom curriculum, as well as CR Elements! Prior to this, organizations had to choose between CR Elements and a custom self-built curriculum. Now, users can have and create multiple curricula simultaneously. The “Curriculum Library” icon on the navigation bar directs users to a list of their available curricula.

  • The following improvements have been made to the left navigation bar:

    • Plan a Session: Formerly “Start a Session”. Users can navigate between student programs and files.

    • My Student Data: Contains all data for a user’s assigned students, including student charts, session notes, ABC Data, Maintenance Data, and student program archive. Admin users can view students they are assigned to.

    • Curriculum library

    • Contacts: Formerly “Students & Staff”.

    • Reports

    • Alerts

  • The Plan a Session screen, previously “Start a Session,” has been redesigned with the following updates:

    • Programs can be sorted alphabetically or by “last run”.

    • All data types are now in the same table. Programs that belong in the Pinned part of the blue session drawer will have a pin icon.

    • Quick action buttons have been added for viewing a chart or viewing additional information in a program.

  • The following updates have been made to the blue session drawer:

    • A new “End Session” button has been added next to “Clear All.”

      • After ending the session, all unfinished programs for that learner are ended, but are left in the drawer for providers to view what was run during the session.

        • This is the functional equivalent of selecting the “…” menu on each program and choosing “End”.

      • An end time will be added to the session note. Please note, this will overwrite an existing end time. End time’s can be overwritten by navigating to the session note.

    • The “Clear All” button removes all finished and unstarted programs, except programs that are still in progress.

      • This is the functional equivalent of selecting the “…” menu on each program and removing them from the drawer, except those in which data would be lost.

  • To protect data, active programs in the drawer will now automatically be graphed and saved overnight.. To disable this feature, please contact your CR representative.

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