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How to Start and End Sessions
Written by Cassie C.
Updated over a week ago

To select programs for a session:

  1. On the left-hand side, click Start a Session and select a student

  2. Under the student’s name, click the checkboxes next to each program name under the “Pinned” and “Session” sections

    • Click here to learn how to collect data in these sections

  3. Checked programs are placed in the bottom blue drawer to be run during a session

    • Please note, supervisors should add programs when students do not have any programs to choose from. Click here to learn how to set up a program book.

To close a session:

  1. To close programs that have already been graphed, click Run Again in the overflow menu (...)

    • To close programs individually, click Close in the overflow menu (...)

  2. Click the X on the right-hand side to close the session and return to the program selection screen

  3. Uncheck any remaining programs on the program selection, if needed. This also empties the session screen

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