Assigning Curriculum
Written by Alyssa
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To assign curriculum on the web (e.g purchased curricula like CR Elements, or custom curriculum the organization has uploaded to Thread):

  1. Select Curriculum on the left-hand side

  2. In the “Curriculum Library,” click CR Elements or the name of the curriculum

    • Or, enter the name of the curriculum in Search curriculum

  3. Select from the folders/topics/domains. The following are the domains for CR Elements:

    • Pandemic

    • Motor

    • Social

    • Play

    • Foundations

    • Language

    • Adaptive

    • Thinking

    • Communications

  4. Click Assign on the right-hand side of the program to be used

  5. Select the student(s) to assign the curriculum to. If it is assigned it to multiple students, it will duplicate the program independently for each student.

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