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4.3: Historical Record, Start a Session, and Session Notes Updates
4.3: Historical Record, Start a Session, and Session Notes Updates
Written by Alyssa
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The Thread Learning by CentralReach 4.3 release contains updates to the “Historical Record Button,” “Start a Session” screen, and session notes, and performance improvements.

The following new features and product updates have been released released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Performance has been improved significantly, especially for older, slower devices.

  • Login issues for older iPads, specifically those that can update only to iOS 12 (iPad Air (2013), iPad Mini 2 (2013), iPad Mini 3 (2014)), have been resolved. This fix and the performance improvement should allow limited use of these devices. However, for an optimal user experience, it is recommended to transition away from these older devices in the next six months.

  • Users can now select a Historical Record from a Historical Phase pop-up of the program chart and edit the information about that historical record.

    • Please note:

      • This does not affect the actual program, only what is displayed in that phase pop-up.

      • Historical Phases only keep a record of what was a current target during that program, so users cannot make targets “future” in the Historical Phase Record. However, a target can be changed to “future” in the program to change that target's status across all phases.

  • Users can now change the name of phases by selecting “Phase Name” when editing the Historical Phase Record or program.

  • “Last Run” has been added to the Start a Session screen that contains a date of the last datapoint in the program. This allows users to view when a program was last run.

  • Telehealth has been added as a Place of Service for session notes.

  • The following stability improvements have been implemented:

    • The issue causing the Phase Average Count and Time to display incorrectly after being manually added has been resolved.

    • The “Total (Minutes)” column will now display correctly for manually entered durations.

    • iOS application performance has been improved.

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