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3.1: Migration Information
3.1: Migration Information
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Migration Information

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 3.1 release contains information regarding the migration process to Thread’s new iPad application.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Thread Learning’s mission is to help organizations provide the best possible care. As part of that effort, we will need to complete a migration, which will offer new iPad application features, while significantly reducing existing bugs. All customers will be migrated on October 23-24, 2021. Click here for more information regarding the migration process and how to prepare.

    • Please note, if the legacy iPad application is in offline mode at the moment of migration, any offline data collection could be lost.

      • The only staff members who should not immediately switch to the new application are those that need to utilize ‘offline mode.’ Offline mode in the new application only works once the migration date has passed.

        • Offline mode users should download and use the new application when ‘offline mode’ is not needed, and continue with the old iPad application when they need to use offline mode. Both applications can be used together. Once the migration has happened, the new application’s ‘offline mode’ will work.

        • The article linked above includes steps to follow to ensure no data is lost.

  • After migration, users will be unable to log into the legacy application. When attempting to log into the application, a message will display notifying users that it will no longer work and encourage them to download the new Thread Learning by CentralReach application.

  • A new column “Migration Status” located in the “Students and Staff” section allows Admins and Supervisors to monitor staff’s progress. Client Services will provide organizations with a migration date via a message in the Students and Staff section. The message will contain:

    • The migration date

    • Days until migration

    • Number of users currently not migrated

  • In the legacy application, a message will display for users notifying them that the application will be sunset and to encourage them to migrate to the new application.

  • The Thread Learning by CentralReach application contains the following new features:

    • Upload files in Student Profile

    • Take +/- data on maintenance items

    • Better datapoint editing

    • Better ABC data

    • Better Program Archive

    • Curriculum Management and admin functionality available

    • Use a prompt hierarchy custom to your organization

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