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Thread Learning’s mission is to help organizations provide the best possible care. The upcoming migration will include new features, bug fixes, significantly speed up new development, and provide a uniform application experience across all devices.

Thread customers will be migrated on October 23-24, 2021. Please note, Thread Learning will be unavailable that weekend. All users need to switch to the new iPad application before migration and log out of the legacy iPad application as soon as possible.

This ensures:

  1. All users can successfully log into the new application.

  2. Users have time to contact support if their workflow has been disrupted by the switch, prior to the migration (in very specific cases users with disrupted workflows might continue to use the legacy application until the migration).

  3. That all data is migrated and not lost - if a user has offline data on the legacy application that has not been synced, the application will not allow them to log out (Please note, offline data that has not been synced cannot be recovered after the migration).

An Admin dashboard has been added to the “Students & Staff” section of the application where users can view which users are “Ready” for the migration and “Not Ready.” “Not Ready” signifies that the last application the user logged into was the legacy iPad application that will no longer work after migration. Such users should be directed to download and log into the “Thread Learning by CR” application in the App Store and log out of the old legacy application.

The only exception is users that need to collect data offline before the migration. These users should continue to utilize the legacy iPad application for offline sessions but should sync and log out with every session, or at least before the migration date. Offline data that has not been synced cannot be recovered. Logging out ensures all data is synced.

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