The new Thread Learning by CentralReach iPad application is now available, and has the same features and feel of our other platforms, including web, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablet. Existing users of the legacy iPad application will be migrated to the new application on October 23-24, 2021. Therefore, the existing application will no longer work, and users trying to log into the legacy application will be directed to the new application.

All users should switch to the new application before October 23, 2021, to gain familiarity and report any potential disruptions to their workflow. The legacy iPad application should only be utilized for offline mode, as offline mode will only be available in the new application the day after the migration (10/25/21) for all mobile devices. Please note, if users have an offline session, sync the device and log out on October 22, 2021, to ensure that the data is migrated. Data left offline will not be recoverable after the migration.

The new Thread Learning by CentralReach iPad application offers the same features as the legacy application, plus features previously only available on other platforms, such as curriculum management and uploading files to student profiles. Additionally, offline mode is available for all mobile users.

The following are a list of some features only the new iPad application has:

  • Upload files in Student Profile

  • Take +/- data on maintenance items

  • Improved datapoint editing, including editing individual trials

  • Upgraded ABC data, which can be tied to programs

  • Enhanced Program Archive with search

  • Curriculum Management and admin functionality available on mobile

  • Switch between multiple student’s drawers with one click

  • Use a prompt hierarchy custom to your organization (contact support to set up custom prompt hierarchy)

Thread Learning by CentralReach is available in the App Store. More help documentation to follow.

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