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3.0: Introducing Cross-Platform Thread Learning, Including a New iPad Application
3.0: Introducing Cross-Platform Thread Learning, Including a New iPad Application
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Introducing Cross-Platform Thread Learning, Including a New iPad Application

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 3.0 release introduces a new iPad application, Thread Learning by CentralReach, making Thread fully accessible through all mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablet. In order to effectively do so, all features from the current iPad application have been moved to all platforms, including the new iPad application.

The following new features and product updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • A new iPad application, Thread Learning by CentralReach, is available in the app store. All major features are available across all platforms with the exception of the old iPad application. Organizations are encouraged to switch to the new iPad application at their earliest convenience. A new column has been created in the Students and Staff page that displays if the user has downloaded and logged into the new application. Organizations’ Thread contacts will reach out to discuss the migration process.

  • Admins can now export custom curriculum. Users can make changes within Thread and retain those changes externally by downloading the curriculum. It also allows users to export curriculum, make changes in excel, and then re-import to make batched changes.

  • The following Data Point Management features have been released:

    • Trial-by-trial details of graphed data points can be viewed on all platforms across all data types.

    • Admin/Supervisors can edit data points at the trial-by-trial level on all platforms.

    • Admin/Supervisors can delete and recover deleted data points across all platforms.

  • Interval Data Focus mode has been added to all platforms:

    • Users can take interval data in focus mode, which allows them to see additional key information (targets, reinforcement, procedure), while taking data.

    • Users can view all time periods within an interval if they need to add data for a time period that has already elapsed.

  • Maintenance mode has been added to all platforms, except the old iPad application that now allows data to be taken on maintained items:

    • All “Mastered” targets from discrete trial programs now display in maintenance mode in reverse order of when they were last worked on (i.e. the targets that have not been maintained recently are displayed first).

    • Users can take + and - data on these targets, and move them back into rotation by changing their status to “current” if they are not being maintained.

    • Targets can now be marked as “completed” to remove them from maintenance mode. This is used for targets that have been mastered and no longer need to be maintained.

  • The following bug fixes and stability improvements:

    • An issue preventing inactive steps from being completed in non-focus mode was fixed.

    • Archived frequency programs no longer populate 0’s for days where data was not taken. This means they will no longer display in progress reports for time periods where they were marked as “archived.”

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