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2.13: Introducing “Curriculum Management,” Data Collection, and Other Fixes
2.13: Introducing “Curriculum Management,” Data Collection, and Other Fixes
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Introducing “Curriculum Management,” Data Collection, and Other Fixes

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 2.13 release contains Curriculum Management, allowing providers with uploaded custom curriculums to manage curriculums by creating, editing, organizing, and assigning them to students. All users who utilize curriculum, custom or purchased through CR, can now use them on the web to assign to students. Other fixes include the addition of interval data collection, program assignment on web, archived programs on web, and bug fixes, especially those pertaining to session notes and program objectives.

The following updates have been released in Thread Learning by CentralReach:

  • Curriculum management allows providers to manage their organization’s custom curriculum. Access varies depending on the following user types:

    • Admins can create new custom templates and edit existing templates, as well as cut and paste to organize the curriculum. This user type can also edit the folder structure of templates.

    • All users can use the curriculum templates to assign to students they work with. Users can also assign a single piece of curriculum to multiple students at the same time (like on iPad).

    • Organizations currently can only utilize a single curriculum at a time, so either the organization’s custom curriculum OR CR Elements, but not both. This will be changed in a subsequent release, so that users can build the perfect curriculum for their organization.

    • Please note, an assigned program cannot be converted into a template at this time, but this is also coming soon.

  • Custom curriculum is now faster than ever for CR representatives to upload on organizations’ behalf. Organizations can send their curriculum to their dedicated CR contact in the Excel curriculum template.

  • Interval Data Collection is now available on the web and allows supervisors and instructors to use the interval data type for Full Interval, Partial Interval, and Momentary time sampling. Interval data programs can also be created on the web. This pertains both to Interval programs appearing within Behaviors and those appearing within Skills.

  • Client Services can now set a custom prompt hierarchy for clients. This affects all users in the organization. An admin must inform their CR contact how the prompt hierarchy should be set for the entire organization.

  • Users can archive and unarchive programs, as well as sort/filter archived programs on both the web and iPad.

  • The issue preventing session notes from being created has been resolved. After collecting data and navigating to “Session Notes,” the note will appear.

  • When editing a long term objective, users can now save without adding a short term objective.

  • Security improvements and performance enhancements.

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