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Managing Students as a Supervisor
Managing Students as a Supervisor
Written by Cassie C.
Updated over a week ago

To manage students as a supervisor:

  1. Navigate to and select Login. Supervisors will be redirected to the data collection screen

  2. Click the circle on the right-hand side next to your name

  3. Click View Profile to manage students from your profile

    • Users can also upload a profile picture and edit personal data in their profiles

  4. Select a student’s name to view their profile

    • Please note, if there are no students to select from, contact admin to have students assigned to you.

  5. Click Edit in the “Instructors” section

  6. Click all the checkboxes next to instructors who need access to the student

  7. Click Save Assignment

    • Please note, all instructors should be assigned to Thread’s test student, "B.F. Skinner." This student is there to help users experiment with or practice using Thread

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