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How to Multi-Select Students
How to Multi-Select Students
Written by Cassie C.
Updated over a week ago

Within sessions, users can navigate between student profiles. This allows users to collect data on multiple students at the same time.

To multi-select students:

  1. Click Start a Session on the left-hand side

  2. Click the [Student Name] drop-down and select another student to add to the view. The name on display in the drop-down is the current student being worked on.

    • The drop-down displays all students assigned to the user. Once multiple students have been selected, their profiles display as tabs at the top of the screen with their name and photo.

  3. To navigate to another student profile, select their name at the top of the screen

    • Each tab displays the programs selected per student.

    • When switching between student profiles, all student data is saved upon switching.

To clear all students from view:

  1. Click Clear All on the right-hand side

  2. Click Clear All in the “Are you sure you want to clear all of [Student Name]’s active programs?” pop-up

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