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4.1: New Offline and Multi-Select Student Functionality
4.1: New Offline and Multi-Select Student Functionality
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New Offline and Multi-Select Student Functionality

The Thread Learning by CentralReach 4.1 release contains new features that allow users to view multiple students at once and access Thread Learning offline.

The following new features and product updates have been released in the Thread Learning by CentralReach application:

  • The login experience for iOS and Android mobile users has been enhanced with the following new features:

    • Once a PIN code has been set up, a lock screen now displays to prevent users from being logged out upon closing the mobile application. When returning back to the application after navigating away, users will need to input the PIN code.

    • The login screen has been updated to reflect the new mobile application experience. Swiping and closing the application no longer logs the user out.

  • Users can now navigate to multiple student profiles, allowing them to easily switch between students to collect data for. A new drop-down displays a list of students assigned to users. Once multiple students have been selected, their profiles display as tabs at the top of the screen.

  • The Thread Learning by CentralReach application now supports offline mode. To continue working offline, users must connect to the internet every 48 hours to upload current data.

    • Please note, manually inputting data overrides any data collected for that day.

    • Each student needs to have offline mode enabled in their profile in order to utilize this feature.

    • A new toggle allows users to select up to 15 student profiles to be accessed while offline, per person.

      • Users can only see this toggle offline within their own profile. When an admin is in another user’s profile, they cannot see the toggle for students.

    • A new label at the top of the screen displays when users are offline and the last date and time all student data was synced.

    • Two new warnings display when users lose internet connectivity or have not been connected to the internet to sync data for more than 24 hours. These warning messages state:

      • “You are offline. You will be able to continue to work in offline mode, but some parts of the application will be unavailable.”

      • “You have been offline for [HH] hours and [MM] minutes. Please connect to the internet as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate up to date data is shown.”

  • The following functionality will be unavailable when offline:

    • Viewing Charts

    • Students & Staff

    • Download Reports

    • Progress Report

    • Raw Data

    • Session Note Report

    • Billing

    • Curriculum

    • Archive

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