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The CentralReach team has been hard at work on improvements to the Thread by CentralReach application. We are saying goodbye to the legacy iPad application, and providing additional functionality (like curriculum management and more) in the new Thread application available for iOS and Android. Your customer success team will be with you throughout this transition and beyond.

What is changing?

Thread is upgrading (migrating) to new infrastructure and a new, already-available app providing all Thread features on one experience. This will enable us to design and deliver more of what you love about Thread Learning.

On October 23rd-24th, 2021, for a period of 48 hours, we will have scheduled maintenance to fully migrate data off of the old iPad app and onto the new Thread app for iOS and Android. During this period, users will not have access to Thread Learning, so please plan accordingly. Users won’t be able to access the old app, and will need to transition to the new Thread application.

Will I notice anything different after the migration?

You should switch from the old iPad application to the new iPad application prior to your migration date. If and when you do, you will not notice the migration, as it will happen automatically during the scheduled maintenance window. However, if any users have not switched from the old iPad application, it will no longer work the day after migration. If the old iPad application is in offline mode at the moment of the migration, any offline data collection might be lost. Please check under Thread > Students & Staff > Migration Status to ensure staff have switched prior to the scheduled migration date.

Can I switch to the new app now?

Yes, you are encouraged to download the new Thread iPad app at any time. You must be aware that at this moment, offline mode is not currently available on the new app, but will be available as soon as the migration finishes on October 25th.

What happens if I do not switch in time?

Switching to the new app prior to October 23rd enables staff to ensure their ABA data is saved and synced back to Thread. If you do not transition to the new application by October 23rd, you will not be able to log in to the old iPad app and will need to download the new Thread application to log in.

How do I know that I’m on the right version?

  • Legacy version: Thread Learning (available only for iPad). If you are using this, please download the new version.

  • New version: Thread Learning by CR (available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices). This version looks like the web version. You do not need to migrate if you are already using this version.

How does the old app compare to the new one?

The new Thread iPad app has many updated features and functionalities that are not contained in the legacy iPad app including:

  • Upload files in Student Profile

  • Take +/- data on maintenance items

  • Improved datapoint editing, including editing individual trials

  • Upgraded ABC data, which can be tied to programs

  • Enhanced Program Archive with search

  • Curriculum Management and admin functionality available on mobile

  • Switch between multiple student’s drawers with one click

  • Use a prompt hierarchy custom to your organization (contact support to set up custom prompt hierarchy)

We are confident that the new app will better serve your needs and the needs of your organization.

Where can I ask questions?

You can email or reach out in-app through the Intercom chat channel.

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