Adding Custom Prompts
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To add a custom prompt on the web:

  1. Contact CR Client services to change the setting on behalf of your organization

  2. Client Services users can navigate to the username on the upper right-hand side and select Organization Settings

  3. Click Edit Settings

  4. Scroll down to the “Custom Prompts” section and select/unselect prompts by clicking the checkbox to the left.

  5. To add a custom prompt, enter a prompt name in the “Which additional prompts would you like to include?” section and click Add Custom Prompt
    - An acronym will automatically be created for the custom prompt. If there are multiple prompts with the same letter of the first word, such as “Physical” and “Prompt,” a “P” will be used for both. It is recommended to add a second word or a number to differentiate between both prompts.

  6. Click Save Prompt. After saving, all users on the web can use the custom prompts.

  7. Click Save Settings

Please note, Client Services should notify the organization that the data points currently being collected will almost immediately have prompting options changed. It is possible for the first five trials to have the old set of prompts and the second five trials to have the new set. Therefore, it is important that users consider finishing programs that are in progress.

Additionally, in cases where the hierarchy is changing drastically, it is recommended that users make phase or condition change lines on their programs to note the change.

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