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Thread Learning by CentralReach’s Supported Browsers and Devices
Thread Learning by CentralReach’s Supported Browsers and Devices
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Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

Thread Learning by CentralReach actively tests and qualifies every software release over the latest version of Chrome and Safari browsers. However, Thread Learning by CentralReach will support all of the major commercial browsers (Chrome and Safari) by actively addressing issues reported over their latest versions.

  • To allow Thread Learning by CentralReach to maintain its continued focus on delivering great software, we will routinely withdraw support for certain browser versions and devices, as supporting legacy browsers inhibits the ability to innovate, ensure security, and deliver new features.

  • Generally, as long as the browser is in compliance regardless of OS or device specifications, we will consider addressing issues on a case-by-case basis.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is not recommended nor supported for any of the CR Products.

Recommended Mobile Devices

A major factor in mobile platform testing is the underlying mobile operating system and the feature set the specific version provides. Thread Learning by CentralReach will qualify each mobile software release against the following major mobile device product lines: the OS version under test will be the latest version that the manufacturer/product line allows (general availability, not beta). Thread Learning by CentralReach recommends the following mobile devices and corresponding operating systems for the CR Mobile application:

  • Apple iPhone 8 and following models updatable to the latest iOS version.

  • Apple iPad 6th Generation and iPad Pro 3rd Generation of tablets and following models updatable to the last iOS version.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and later S series of mobile devices.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 and later A series of tablets.

Updated: July 2021

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