Last updated: 11/14/2019


When your current phase has multiple targets, it is possible to score them individually or as a group. Focus mode is for individual scoring. This article includes a demo video and a sample report.

How to collect data in focus mode

When your program has multiple current targets, you can score those together or use full-screen "focus mode" to score them individually. 

Video of focus mode on the web

For demonstration purposes this video first shows how to collect data in the normal view. Then the program is run again in focus mode.

00:00 - Collect data for multiple targets together.
00:23 - Score buttons become inactive, indicating the data point is graphed.
00:25 - Click overflow menu (...) and select Run Again.
00:28 - Buttons are active again, indicating the program is ready to run.
00:31 - Tap the magnifying glass icon to open full-screen focus mode.
00:34 - Collect scores for individual targets.
00:55 - Score buttons become inactive once 20 total trials are completed, indicating the data point is graphed. Tap the X (upper right) to return to drawer.

Viewing individual scores collected using focus mode

Thread's iPad app will show the breakdown of individual targets when the data is collected in focus mode, like this:

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