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Prompting Strategy

Prompts for discrete trial programs can be set up using Prompting Strategy, formerly Errorless Teaching.

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Prompts for Percent Correct programs can be set up using Prompting Strategy.

Percent Correct programs include a "Prompting Strategy" option. This allows an instructor to indicate the prompt level used for each trial. Anytime a prompt is used, it is scored as a minus (-).

To set up Errorless Teaching:

  1. When creating or editing a Percent Correct program, select the Prompting Strategy toggle

  2. Indicate the least intrusive prompt:

    • Full Physical

    • Partial Physical

    • Model

    • Gestural

    • Vocal verbal

    • Partial vocal verbal

    • Positional

  3. Save the program

Please note:

  • The least intrusive prompt level that was set up in the Discrete Trial program will be the default prompt level for the first trial.

  • Use the overflow menu (...) and select Choose prompt level to set or change a prompt.

To view prompt level data on the chart:

  1. After data is collected, tap the chart's data point to view details, including the latest prompt that was used, in this case, "Vocal verbal".

  2. Tap the top area (score %) to view trial by trial details. In the following image, "Partial physical" was used earlier in the session.

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