In Thread it is easy to write programs from scratch in real time for immediate use with students. In addition, Thread has a pre-loaded curriculum library filled with programs that can be used as-is or customized, as needed. CentralReach sells an extremely robust and sophisticated curriculum, CR Elements, which is available for organizations to purchase. Thread also provides most organizations with free Curriculum.

Organizations have the option to submit bulk custom curriculum, via our excel spreadsheet. To upload curriculum, transfer the data onto the Thread excel “Curriculum Upload” template and send it to the organization’s CR representative. Once completed and submitted, the CR representative will upload it to the organization’s profile for all users to utilize.

Methods for Submitting Curriculum

Submit Bulk Custom Curriculum During Onboarding

Our team will talk with you about the initial curriculum load and propose an efficient method for getting your library to us, so that it can be loaded for you.

Submit Additional Pieces of Curriculum Later

Create your program under our test student "B.F. Skinner" and tell us exactly where it belongs in the curriculum. View the image below for a list of info we will need; you can tell us in a sentence for one-offs or in list format as shown. Submit this via in-app chat or send an email to  Scroll down if for a step-by-step instructions for doing this.

To submit occasional pieces of curriculum: 

  1. Tap the book icon in the upper right-hand corner of Thread’s main screen.

  2. Select the program type to be created.

  3. Complete the program exactly as you want it to appear in your curriculum library. Remember, it can be customized later when it is used.

  4. Choose our test student B.F. Skinner under "Apply this program to students."

  5. Tap Save in the upper right-hand corner.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any other curriculum you want to submit. 

Tell us you have new curriculum to add either via in-app chat (in Thread, tap the help (?) icon and select Chat with us), or email us at Be sure to include all the items in the example image above:

  • Your name, email address, Thread team name and organization

  • Program name

  • Source location (Thread team name, instructor name, student name) - where is it now?

  • The destination path (folder / subfolder) - where should we put it? 

This method ensures the finished curriculum is exactly the way you want it. Please d not send a document (e.g., Word) to load as curriculum. There have been issues mapping text correctly to the fields you have in mind when documents are sent. 

We think our test student "B.F. Skinner" is a great place to organize your submissions, but we can also take a program already assigned to another student if the content is completely generic and is already there.

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