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Maintenance mode is a read-only list of all previously mastered targets for a student in the blue drawer. It’s designed to help instructors periodically review learned skills to ensure durable mastery. 

Chat with us in-app to opt-in for this beta feature.

How to use Maintenance Mode

  1. Select programs to run with your students as you normally would, then open the blue drawer to collect data.
  2. If you’ve opted in for this feature, the top “program” in your blue drawer will be a maintenance mode entry for the student you're working with. (If you're working with multiple students, maintenance mode will appear for the child with more programs loaded.) 
  3. Tap the word “maintenance” on that entry to open it full-screen in focus mode. All the mastered targets for this student are listed inside. This is read-only information with no data collection functionality, currently.
  4. Use the mastered target list to review previously learned skills as desired.
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