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Installing and Updating Thread
Installing and Updating Thread
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To find Thread in the App Store:

  1. Using an iPad, navigate to the App store and search for Thread Learning by CentralReach

  2. Download the application 

Please note, when using a mobile device, the App store only displays compatible applications. Therefore, users will not find Thread with an iPhone. To use Thread from a mobile device, users need the web version.

Enable Auto-Updates

Staying on the latest Thread version will ensure users have the latest bug fixes and features. Tapping the (?) icon inside the application displays the installed version and links to the App store. However, users can enable auto-updates.

To enable auto-updates:

  1. Using an iPad, navigate to Settings

  2. Select your name at the top, under the "Settings" heading.

  3. On the right, select iTunes & App Store

  4. Select the Updates toggle

Safely Delete and Reinstall Thread

To delete and reinstall Thread due to a suspected issue:

  1. In Thread, select the settings gear in the upper right-hand corner

  2. Tap Sign Out on the left column. This step is for safety. If users have unsynced data they will receive a warning. If this happens, stop and connect to the internet to let the data sync.

  3. Close Thread and find the Thread icon

  4. Touch and hold the Thread icon until it jiggles, then tap the x to delete it.

  5. For users experiencing an issue, restart the iPad. 

  6. Reinstall the application in the App store (as listed above)

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