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This article describes how to find Thread on the App Store and install it. Also covered but rarely needed: how to delete Thread safely before performing a fresh install. 

Find and install Thread for iPad

Thread on the App Store

On your iPad go to the App Store, search for Thread Learning, and download. 

NOTE: if you're on a mobile device, the App Store will only show you compatible apps. You won't find us with your iPhone, for example. If you want to use Thread from a phone you'll need our web version. Read more...

Turn on auto-updates

This step is important! If you stay on the latest Thread version you'll always have the latest bug fixes and features. 

  1. Go to your iPad's desktop and tap the iPad settings gear icon.
  2. Tap your name icon at the top, just under the Settings heading.
  3. On the right, tap iTunes & App Store
  4. Find the Updates switch and flip it on.

Delete and reinstall Thread safely

If you've been asked to delete and reinstall Thread due to a suspected problem, please follow these instructions to do it safely.

  1. In Thread tap the settings gear in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Sign Out on the left column, then tap Sign Out. This step is for safety. If you have unsynced data you'll get a warning. Stop if this happens, go to an internet connection and let your data sync.
  3. Close Thread and find the Thread icon on your iPad. 
  4. Touch and hold the Thread icon until it jiggles, then tap the x to delete it.
  5. If you were experiencing trouble, this is a great time to turn off your iPad for a minute and start fresh. 
  6. Proceed to installation steps above
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