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This article describes how to find Thread on the App Store and install it. Also covered but rarely needed: how to delete Thread safely before performing a fresh install. 

Thread on the App Store

How to find Thread on the App Store

On your iPad use one of four options to locate Thread in the App Store. All methods go to the same location, allowing you to install, update the version, or open the app. The option presented depends on Thread’s status on your iPad.

  • If Thread version 1.2 or later is already installed, tap the (?) icon in the upper right corner of your Thread screen, then tap Check for Update.  
  • Or, click on this LINK on your iPad.
  • Or, visit www.ThreadLearning.com and tap Get Started for Free. This is a link to Thread on the App Store.
  • Or, go to the App Store and search for Thread Learning.

How to delete Thread from your iPad

If you've been asked to reinstall due to a rare problem with Thread, you may need to delete Thread from your iPad first. 


  1. In Thread tap the settings gear in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Switch Team on the left column, then tap Sign Out. This step is for safety. If you're on version 1.3 or later, you'll get a warning if you have unsynced data. Stop if this happens, go to an internet connection and let your data sync.
  3. Close Thread and find the Thread icon on your iPad. 
  4. Touch and hold the Thread icon until it jiggles, then tap the x to delete it.
  5. Proceed to installation steps above.

Problems accessing Thread on the App Store

On devices other than iPad iOS 9.2 or later you may see a read-only app entry, an error message related to device requirements, or zero search results. Retry with your iPad.

Alternate installer

Please use the App Store for all installs and updates unless otherwise directed by the team at Thread Learning. 

In the beginning we used Apple’s TestFlight for all installations and updates of Thread. TestFlight is designed to handle very quick point releases for nimble beta development. 

We will continue to use it in special situations, and suggest keeping it on your iPad if it’s already installed. 

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