This article is about saving single sign-on login credentials for Thread’s iPad app version 2.x and later. It includes how-to’s and security considerations related to staying logged on vs. logging off, using iPad settings to remember or forget your password(s), and sharing an iPad between multiple users. 

For use with Use My Email Login - does not apply to Log Into My Team. If your organization still uses a team login we'll contact you soon to schedule your migration.

About Thread single sign-on

Once every member of an organization has updated to Thread 2.x, the Thread team will work with you to migrate everyone (all at once) to the new single sign-on environment. 

Single sign-on for Thread introduces improved security and performance. It requires individual users to remember their login credentials and make decisions about how (or if) to save them on the device.  

Your user name will become your email address, and you'll set up your own password.

iPad security considerations

Each client using Thread’s iPad app should adopt their own security policy for handling Thread login credentials. Factors to consider include:

  • Is the iPad used by just one person, or is it shared?
  • If the iPad is shared, who is sharing it? 
  • Is it acceptable to allow those with access to the iPad (e.g., fingerprint access) to select their Thread login from a list of saved logins on this shared device?

Please determine whether methods outlined below are a good fit for you or your organization. Your unique circumstances will determine which options are right for you.

How to save your login credentials using the iPad browser

iPad apps are designed to keep you logged on even after the app is closed. If you can login to the iPad using a login code or fingerprint, you gain access to its contents. 

Thread 2.x for iPad uses Safari, the iPad’s default browser, to handle its new single sign-on login method. Safari’s password manager can save your login credentials after you log out.  

QUICK REFERENCE: Settings / Passwords & Accounts / AutoFill Passwords ON / Website & App Passwords (fingerprint or sign-in) / + Edit (accounts.threadlearning.com)

  1. Open your iPad settings, tap Passwords & Accounts, and turn on AutoFill Passwords.
  2. Open Thread on your iPad.
  3. Tap Use My Email Login.
  4. Tap Continue when prompted with “Thread wants to use threadlearning.com to sign in”.
  5. In the User Name field enter the email address you’re using for Thread.
  6. Enter your password (the individual password you set up when invited to Thread’s single sign-on platform).
  7. Tap Sign In.
  8. The Safari browser will ask you, “Would you like to save this password in your iCloud Keychain to use with apps and websites on all your devices?” If your iPad is secure and you want Safari to remember your password tap Save Password; otherwise, opt out with Never for This Website or Not Now.

How to login with saved credentials

If you don’t manually sign out, next time you open Thread you’ll still be logged in. If you did sign out, here are the steps to logon next time:

  1. Open Thread on your iPad
  2. Tap Use My Email Login
  3. Tap Continue when prompted with “Thread wants to use threadlearning.com to sign in
  4. Tap into the User Name field
  5. Find and tap your User Name (your email address) in the gray bar above your keyboard. NOTE: if you saved multiple username / password combinations on this device they’ll all show up here.
  6. User your fingerprint or password when prompted.
  7. The username and password you chose will be filled in now. Tap SIGN IN

How to remove login credentials from iPad settings

  1. Open your iPad settings and tap Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Tap Website & App Passwords - you’ll be to login or fingerprint here before continuing.
  3. Search or scroll to find Thread in the app list, then tap it.
  4. Tap Edit in upper right corner.
  5. Tap the red circle-with-minus-sign icon. 
  6. Tap Delete to confirm deletion.
  7. Tap Done in upper right.
  8. Tap  to return to the password list.


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