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The following refers ONLY to 2.3x and below.

Before Thread 2.4x ONLY: anytime you EDIT a step the change is GLOBAL. This applies to editing the record of a past phase, too -- it will change that step in every phase. Thread’s step edit feature is currently designed to correct entry mistakes, not to change prior steps for a future phase. 

The way to change a step going forward without also changing every other phase is to completely delete that step (and all following steps) and then add new steps. 

How to edit a TA program with 2.3x or below

Edit existing steps only to correct a mistake; for example, if step 4 should have been "turn right at the corner" but you mistakenly entered "turn left at the corner" you may overwrite “left” with “right”. Then tap Done and Save.

To change only the future phase

The way to change steps going forward without also changing every other phase is to delete the step(s) completely, and then add new steps.

As an example, let's say you want to replace step 5 of 7. You'll delete steps 5-6-7 before adding replacement steps, like this:

  1. Tap step 5.
  2. Tap the small gray x that appears on the far right; notice Add a New Task appears.Tap Done.
  3. Notice the step disappears while later steps move up and renumber themselves.
  4. Delete the last two steps the same way; you should now have 4 steps.
  5. Add your new step 5 and tap Done; add step 6 and tap Done; add step 7 and tap Done.
  6. Tap Save in the upper right corner once all your changes are made.
  7. Save with phase change line.

Now all your previous phases will be untouched, and your new steps appear only in the new phase.

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