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This article contains demo clips about Thread for iPad from our Youtube channel, which offers a demo playlist. Topics include Thread's program book, blue drawer, public drawer, in-app charts, and customer care.

Demos of the Thread app for iPad

Thread demo of program book 

(also on Youtube)

Thread demo of blue drawer

 (also on Youtube)

Thread demo of public drawer

 (also on Youtube)

Thread demo of charts

(also on Youtube)

Thread demo of customer care 

(also on Youtube)

Thread in-app tutorial for iPad

(Also on Youtube)

When a new instructor is set up in Thread for iPad, a short tutorial is presented. This is a sample video capture of that tutorial for those who would like to review it later.

Learn more about Thread at www.threadlearning.com or learn more about Thread Learning's origin story, innovations and future plans in the recent story from Cornell University, How Thread Learning is Modernizing the Complex World of Autism. https://tech.cornell.edu/news/how-thread-learning-is-modernizing-the-complex-world-of-autism-care/

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