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This is an overview of Thread’s web portal features and navigation. For more detailed instructions on reporting please see How to access Thread reports in the help center.

Web portal home screen

This is the web portal home screen. Tap a student’s name to see their program list.

The program list screen and navigation

The program list screen is pictured below. Two links are not yet active: Update Parent and Attempted Trials Today


Click the program name to view its chart. You’ll recognize the chart screen (not pictured) from the Thread app. These functions are available:

  1. Print the chart or change print destination.
  2. Click the condition label of any phase to see details; for the current phase, an Edit option is on the menu. It brings you to the same screen as choosing EDIT on the program list screen; see section Edit a program below.
  3. Click a data point for details or to add a note. This data point menu is currently view-only except for notes; click light gray Add> to add a data point note.
  4. Use the drop-down to select a different chart.


Edit a program

On the program list screen pictured above, click EDIT to edit the program. Make your changes and save.


Thread captures your data and creates reports as you work. Simple charts are available in the Thread app for iPad. For in-depth information log into our web portal at app.threadlearning.com using the same Thread login credentials. There you’ll find student progress reports, raw data in Excel format, all the charts available in-app, and more.

Please see How to access Thread reports in the help center for detailed information about Thread reporting using the web portal.

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