Thread protects users' data by saving it to local iPad storage, and then to Thread by CentralReach's server using a data sync process. Data sync occurs immediately when there is an active connection/reliable internet. Data syncing will occur at a later time if a user is temporarily working offline, without internet. 

Please note, to protect data that has not yet synced, do not sign into a different team on your iPad, and do not uninstall the Thread application. These actions will remove your data from the iPad before sync can occur.

It is also strongly recommended to perform your own data backups in addition to those Thread by CentralReach provides.

How Thread Handles Offline Work and Unreliable Internet

Thread saves new data to your local iPad storage first, then performs a data sync to Thread by CentralReach's server. This two-step process safeguards data by providing an immediate backup to the cloud every time data changes. This is why Thread works well even when there is unavailable or reliable internet.

Virtually any change to local data triggers a sync. When there is an active connection to the server, the data will sync immediately or as fast as your internet upload speed allows – usually in less than a second. If your Thread application is unable to sync new data to our server, it will retry every ten seconds until successful.

Data Sync Alert

After ten minutes without a successful data sync, an alert will display across the top of the screen. If you know you are working offline, use the alert as a reminder. Return soon to an active connection and data will sync automatically.

How to Recognize and Address Problems with Data Sync

If the data sync alert appears unexpectedly, there may be a problem with your iPad, the internet connection, or our server. Here are some considerations: 

Caution - Protect your data if a sync has not yet occurred

  • DON’T sign into a different team on the same iPad, as this action will remove the original team’s data from the iPad’s local storage. This security feature prevents other accounts from accessing the data in your account.

  • DON’T uninstall the Thread application on your iPad. Doing so will loose any work not yet synced to the server.

  • DO create your own data backup to iCloud or iTunes. See section below, “How to perform your own data backups.”

Things to Check / Try

These are not sequential steps. Any one of them may help identify or fix the problem.

  • Can you get online using other apps on the same iPad?

  • Is your location experiencing WiFi or internet problems?

  • Are other team members having problems syncing in Thread?

  • Retry after updating to the most current version of Thread on the App Store.

  • Close Thread completely by double-clicking the iPad home button, then swiping up on the app card. Reopen Thread and retry.

  • Sign out of Thread by tapping the settings gear, then Sign Out. Sign in again (Use the same credentials/team) and retry.

  • Retry after powering off and restarting your iPad.

Report the Problem

If your internet is working and you need assistance, please contact us.

  1. Tap the question mark (?) icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Thread application screen.

  2. Tap Chat With Us.

  3. Let us know the date and time of last sync as reported in the alert bar, along with results from the "Things to check / try" section.

If problems also prevent users from contacting us within the Thread application, chat us from our website at This method presents your question anonymously (without user data) so be sure to include your name, organization, and how to contact you, in addition to submitting your problem description.

How to Perform Your Own Data Backups

It is recommended to perform your own data backups in addition to the two automated methods provided. Adding this step will prevent data loss if a device is damaged or lost, or if the Thread application or team data is accidentally removed from the iPad before a data sync occurs.

Follow these instructions from Apple to backup data regularly to iCloud or iTunes -

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